This set of 3 online, live sessions is spread over 3 weeks (1 hour per session). Every week, we work with only one of your images. You will work online with me, and I will walk you through each step as I go. More specific details will be emailed to you when you register so you are fully prepared to enjoy the sessions as well as learn as much as possible from them.

Is this a Lightroom/Photoshop tutorial?

No. We will be using many tools within Lightroom as well as Photoshop to take your image from raw(literally!) to polished, but this workshop assumes you already have the specific tool knowledge or that you only need to quickly learn how to use a few tools as required by the job in hand. Even though we work with your image, I will be showing you exactly how I’d edit the image if it were mine. As we go, I’ll also be explaining why I picked a certain tool, so you will get a full overview of the usage aspect.

The scope of this workshop does not include in-depth discussion on each tool in Lightroom or in Photoshop.

What if I’ve just finished a full length course on Lightroom/Photoshop but just need a bit of handholding from someone who knows?

Then this workshop is a perfect fit for you. As we work on each image, you can ask me all those pesky questions that come up when you are alone, editing your own images.

I already know Lightroom like a pro. What if I only want to learn a few useful photoshop tools to finish the last bits of my editing?

Then I can customize this workshop to help you do just that. Write me an email (get in touch) describing your needs and we can work together.

What if I don’t like Boiledbeanstudio’s style of editing and want to do my own thing?

Naturally, since we are different people, our editing styles will likely be different. This workshop is thoughtfully designed to allow for that. So even though you’ll first be learning my own method and approach of editing (working on your image), you will have plenty of space to work independently on your image and ask questions and compare notes.

What if I only want to know how to use a few tools within Lightroom and/or Photoshop so I can finish a job in hand? I’ll learn the full suite of tools later on in my own time.

Then this workshop is a perfect fit for you and we can do just that. But please know that given the scope and time frame of this workshop, we will only be learning how to make specific adjustments that I make and why. For in depth appreciation of each tool within the editing software, you will still need to practice on your own. But the handholding I provide during these sessions will help get you started in the right direction, that’s for sure. Also, once you understand the rationale behind it all, you will be able to apply it to any tool or adjustment.

So can I send you one image per week?
Yes! You can choose to share all three images (RAW format) all at once or just one every week. Either way, you will need to upload the RAW image(s) at least 3 days in advance so I can tailor the next session for the best possible use of your time and effort.


This set of 4 sessions is spread over a whole month. Which means, every week, we only look at one of your images and delve deep into it. Not only will you learn how to analyze your own image, but also learn how you can apply those lessons again, in your upcoming work.

So can I send you one image per week?
Yes! You can choose to send all four images at once or create as you go along and send in new work. But either way, you have to send image(s) to me at least 3 days in advance, so I can study it and make useful points to share, so that it is actionable and useful for you.

Is this useful for all levels?
This is most helpful if you are at the beginner or intermediate level in food photography and styling. But if you are advanced enough and do not seek feedback on the technical aspects and only need a fresh pair of eyes to look at your work (peer review) for intangible qualities like impact or story telling, I will be happy to tailor the sessions to suit your needs. You can check out my work here or on Instagram to get a sense of where I am at, and whether it would work for you.

But I hate feedback. I hate it when people criticize my work. It is scary & hurts my confidence.
I think perhaps what you hate is the “way” in which a feedback is provided, not the process itself. I’ll be providing objective feedback (not criticism!) on your images in a mindful way, with empathy. You can feel safe about your work being looked at, as the intention is to help and provide clear perspective.

Ok, can I buy just one session instead of 4?
Image feedback is spread over four short, focused sessions intentionally, to optimize learning and focus. Think of this as one big feedback session split into 4 sessions, rather than 4 sessions making up one big pack. Just having one image looked at may not be very helpful for overall skill growth. This is why, these can only be bought as a set.

How long does this take?
We will be meeting online, once a week, for 45 min, for a total of 4 weeks. It is best to work at the same time, same day every week but we can work out a suitable schedule based on mutual convenience . Once you buy the pack, we can work out a schedule to suit your needs but all the four sessions must be completed over a single month. The price €20 includes all of the four sessions.