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Personalized Image feedback pack (online, one-on-one, food photography/styling)

Buy a pack of 4 personalized (45min each), image feedback sessions with Boiledbeanstudio, spread across 4 weeks. Together, we analyze a total of 4 images of your choice, one image per week. Each session you receive clear, objective and gentle feedback and actionable suggestions for improvement. Total price for the entire package of 4 sessions is €20. More details below.



Over 1500 unique set of constraints for you to practice!!

Practice makes better. Sure! But smartly designed, intentional practice? That works even better! 😉

Happy Learning!


This set of 4 sessions is spread over a whole month. Which means, every week, we only look at one of your images and delve deep into it. Not only will you learn how to analyze your own image, but also learn how you can apply those lessons again, in your upcoming work.

So can I send you one image per week?
Yes! You can choose to send all four images at once or create as you go along and send in new work. But either way, you have to send image(s) to me at least 3 days in advance, so I can study it and make useful points to share, so that it is actionable and useful for you.

Is this useful for all levels?
This is most helpful if you are at the beginner or intermediate level in food photography and styling. But if you are advanced enough and do not seek feedback on the technical aspects and only need a fresh pair of eyes to look at your work (peer review) for intangible qualities like impact or story telling, I will be happy to tailor the sessions to suit your needs. You can check out my work here or on Instagram to get a sense of where I am at, and whether it would work for you.

But I hate feedback. I hate it when people criticize my work. It is scary & hurts my confidence.
I think perhaps what you hate is the “way” in which a feedback is provided, not the process itself. I’ll be providing objective feedback (not criticism!) on your images in a mindful way, with empathy. You can feel safe about your work being looked at, as the intention is to help and provide clear perspective.

Ok, can I buy just one session instead of 4?
Image feedback is spread over four short, focused sessions intentionally, to optimize learning and focus. Think of this as one big feedback session split into 4 sessions, rather than 4 sessions making up one big pack. Just having one image looked at may not be very helpful for overall skill growth. This is why, these can only be bought as a set.

How long does this take?
We will be meeting online, once a week, for 45 min, for a total of 4 weeks. It is best to work at the same time, same day every week but we can work out a suitable schedule based on mutual convenience . Once you buy the pack, we can work out a schedule to suit your needs but all the four sessions must be completed over a single month. The price €20 includes all of the four sessions.