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video created by boiledbeanstudio

Have you been struggling with your editing even after you’ve completed expensive courses for editing in Lightroom and Photoshop?

It’s one thing to watch someone else edit their images. It’s quite another to do it yourself. That’s because learning happens by doing. And when you do something with a bit of handholding from someone who understands, then you learn even better. That’s what this workshop is for.

Edit-with-me is a brand new, thoughtfully designed editing workshop by Boiledbeanstudio, created especially for:

  1. those who have completed full length editing courses but wish they had a bit of handholding and someone to ask all those pesky questions that come up when you edit your own images.
  2. those who want a quick and practical ramp-up to start using Lightroom and Photoshop, before deep-diving into their entire suite of tools.
  3. those unsure of how to approach the image editing process
  4. Those stuck with hundreds of RAW images and struggling to know how to turn them into a powerful portfolio.

Whichever point you are at, I’ll edit your images with you, while talking/walking you through the process. And you can ask me questions as we go along. We will do as I do with my images. It’ll be fun. And it will help you get the job done. No fluff. That’s a promise!

1-on-1 live online image editing workshop for food photographers

Designed with love at Boiledbeanstudio for photographers just like you. For more details read the course FAQ below. See you there!



Buy a pack of 4 personalized (45min each), image feedback sessions with Boiledbeanstudio, spread across 4 weeks.

Together, we analyze a total of 4 images of your choice, one image per week. Each session you receive clear, objective and gentle feedback and actionable suggestions for improvement.

Personalized Image feedback pack (online, one-on-one, food photography/styling)

Total price for the entire package of 4 sessions is €80. For more details read the course FAQ below.


video created by boiledbeanstudio

Want to intentionally practice your food photography (or product/still life photography) with the help of carefully crafted combinations of constraints based on foundational photography concepts to grow your skill in a consistent manner?

Head to our homegrown online tool Photocue. It’s totally free. It is lovingly designed by Boiledbeanstudio for photographers like you.

Practice makes better. Sure! But smartly designed, intentional practice? That works even better! 😉

Happy Learning!