I am Jayashree (Jay). I am a food photographer, writer and visual content creator based in Berlin, Germany. If you are a creative brand or an individual, looking to convey your brand image and business ethos via impactful imagery and videos, you are in the right place. Take a look at my portfolio page if you’d like to get a feel for the range of visuals I can create for you. If you’d like to know more about my process or pricing, do reach out to me via the contact form or by email (boiledbeanstudio-at-gmail-dot-com). So glad you are here!

My Services:

  1. Brand Photography (food and beverage)
  2. Recipe development (vegetarian and naturally vegan only)
  3. Content creation for brands and creatives
  4. Photography 1-on-1 online workshops and mentoring
  5. Customized, online, Image review service

My pricing depends on the nature and scope of the project so please email me (boiledbeanstudio-at-gmail-dot-com) for enquiries and media kit.

My Process and proficiency:

I begin by understanding your business needs, target market, brand message, values and stylistic preferences. I then work with you to arrive at a mood board based on your brief and/or discussions with you. When you are happy with it, I will create and deliver high quality images that matches the brief as well as the mood board.

Since food and cooking have been an integral part of my daily life, I also bring to the table my experience as a deft cook. This is very useful in projects that require recipes to be developed or cooked and styled in my modern kitchen. I am willing to learn, cook and eat cuisines from anywhere in the world so long as it is plant based (vegetarian or naturally vegan). With respect to dietary preferences, mine is a fully open and non-judgemental view but it only makes sense for me to offer my food photography and styling services in the realm of plant based foods because that’s what I know and handle on a daily basis.

I also bring to the table, years of experience as a professional technologist and engineer, so I can learn and use technology comfortably and easily, which is a big help in functioning globally. I also bring years of expertise and experience of working with global corporations and colleagues world-wide, in managerial as well as consultant capacities, so although this is a relatively new second profession, I am well equipped to manage creative business interactions smoothly and absolutely professionally.

Bright and Airy Brand Images

My bright and airy food images are clean, crisp and minimalistic. This style can be used for product and brand photography. They work extremely well for both websites and in print. Your websites and printed brochures, pin-ups and catalogs can be made to shine with the right kind of minimalistic images. Bright images are not just useful for brand messages but also for telling powerful, expressive and joyful stories.

Moody and atmospheric cookbook and food blog style images

My moody style of photography can be used for powerful and emotive story telling. They are very effective especially in cook books, magazines and other publications, prints and process shots. For such shots, I make effective use of color, light and shadows to define and shine the subject(s) while retaining the power of the big picture.

Dark and dramatic still life multipurpose images

This style of photography is very powerful and can be used for still life as well as action shots. I can effectively use natural elements (water, smoke etc.,) and/or human elements to capture movement enhance storytelling. This can help you express your message via the dance of light and shadow.