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I am Jayashree (Jay). I am a food photographer, creativity coach, writer, app designer and visual content creator based in Berlin, Germany. If you are a food photographer or creative looking for continuous learning and/or feedback, take a tour of my blog or checkout my online services. If you are an entrepreneur or a business, looking to make conscious and powerful impact on your target audience via strong visuals and imagery, take a look at my portfolio page. If you’d like to know more about my workflow, pricing or business ethos or if you want to say hello, please fill the super simple contact form on the “get in touch” page.

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PHOTOCUE – The Online Photography Practice APP by Boiledbeanstudio

Concept, video creation, editing by Jay at boiledbeanstudio.com. Created with Canva.

Over 1500 unique set of constraints for you to practice!! And it’s free.

Thoughts on Creativity

How to receive feedback effectively

The effectiveness of feedback depends partly on those who receive it – how open and willing they are to participate in the process. As a feedback seeker you can do your part to optimize the process and make it a powerful tool for growth and progress – no matter how you define it. Here are some thoughts and tips to help you get the best out of your feedback sessions

How to give feedback effectively

The goal of every feedback session must be growth. The tone of every session must be empathy. A well-rounded feedback session should neither leave the individual dispirited, nor completely content with their lot. It should set them up for a period of analysis and action. It should open the person’s mind to “possibilities” and combinations they hadn’t been able to see previously. Here I share some tips for feedback providers on how to give effective feedback on creative work

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